Thursday, August 5, 2010

PG room

to my PG room
(Post-Graduate Room)

Location: Foyer, School of Materials and Mineral Resources Engineering, USM
Admission fee: RM20

the view

very calming and inspirational

Feel free to contact me for further inquiries.



Wednesday, August 4, 2010


things i did today

good morning! :)

the journey


the destination

the objective 

the girl in action

came back with a little souvenir
*excuse the blurry pic

these activities will repeat itself again tomorrow
thank you


Sunday, August 1, 2010


july came and left in a blink of an eye. i was looking forward to July for such a long time but it came and went by with me not enjoying much of it. *sigh* ok.minus the shopping *whoops* *sigh* 

it is august already.marks my 8th month here in USM. yet i have no result to proof anything. i hope i do get something this coming week. august would be a super duper hactic month for me. earlier mornings, later evenings. all of which is to catch up on those few months of waiting and not doing anything. 

yesterday we had a talk on OSHA (occupational safety and health). it really creep-ed me out, like literally. i know i've expected all these dangerous things way back when i was filling up my MSDS forms for the chemicals i was using and i did detect a few chemicals of which are super dangerous - carcinogenic *gulp* but then yesterday when we were told of all sorts of things, well that really freaked me out. imagine having my school as the most to have accidents occuring, and you'll start to wonder if it is due to the environment or the students themselves. 
last year (latest case), a girl crushed three of her right fingers while using the cold press machine. her three fingers are now (currently) a few mm short. and her nails are distorted. hello. hands and fingers are super important to girls! nak sarung cincin (during engagement or akad nikah) must have pretty pretty fingers cause people will start snapping thousands of pictures of u! 

anyways. yes. dangerous and harmful. and you may never know what would happen to you, i mean besides the short term effects, those chemicals and materials that give you long term effect, you wouldn't know till you're in your 40s or something. but i can confidently say that during the year when we played with alumina and aluminium (4th year powder metallurgy lab), the effect is really obvious now. i tend to forget things, which i hardly did last time. so annoying. pfft!! 

i'm not liking this!
i'm thinking twice. of everything now. 
the effects. is it worth it?

oh well.
just gotta be extra extra careful ey?