Wednesday, April 28, 2010

goodbye dentist!


this morning was the last appointment i had with the dentist.
*ya ba da ba doo*

the next time i'll be seeing her would be in 
6 month's time!!
that would take a while ey? ;)

for the next 24 hours, i am not to chew on my right side.
it gets confusing since 2 days ago it was 
my left side and today its my right side.
lets just not eat anything that needs lots of 

i like that idea :)

the internet connection sucks.
(pardon the skype talk)

p/s: can someone please explain to me how the hell do i upload pics?? all of a sudden i can't do that anymore.. pfft!!


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Diet: week 2

 food, especially a course of recommended foods, 
for losing weight or as treatment for an illness.

so two weeks have gone by with me "dieting". well, honestly, there wasn't much dieting that was involved, neither were there that much of exercising. i basically ate healthy, by means eating in smaller portions and not having a heavy dinner. i tend to want to snack a lot, so i turned to drinking lots of water and having biscuits for tea and supper. u know. to satisfy the craving of wanting to chew on things. 

i've also been detoxing myself and taking in lots of green tea, well nothing new there since i love green tea. weekends would be the time where
dieting takes a holiday! 

so you see, 
its just all talk for me when i say i'm going on a diet. 
haha! pfft!!
but so, i feel healthier tho. 
maybe cause i've been drinking a lot. 

i don't like drinking plain water you see. 
i was lacking of water. 
dried lips. 
dried skin, despite loving to apply lotion. 

well, you gotta take things slow right? lets see where my dieting takes me to next aight? hopefully it all goes well!  



both of which are famous artists.
ok. my entry does not have anything to do with them.

i woke up to this outside my window.

so gelap and so scary.
the wind was blowing really hard.
so i quickly showered thinking that i could 
beat mother nature to it and get to 
my faculty as quickly as possible, 

it started to rain. heavily.
never think that you can outrun mother nature 
in any way at all.

but it wasn't for long.
the thing about heavy rains here is that 
it doesn't last long.

so i took the advantage to quickly make a dash to my faculty
before it starts pouring cats and dogs again! 

lab mode :)

well, i didn't exactly do any work in the lab today.
went to settle some stuff regarding my materials.
basically pegi lab tunjuk muka lah.
cukup syarat *winks*

this is our little work place.
a bit the serabuts yes.
that bag belongs to mr.karim.

karim had to run off and attend to hussein,
before i could even ask him stuff. 
oh well. i guess i'll just figure them out myself.

my oldest crocs :)

my old bag.
sayang ok?
hehe :)

ok.that was basically how my morning went. again.
still raining
so cold.
think i might take an extra long nap :)


monday blues

it started off with this

THE DENTIST! my gigi is not as fucked up as it looks ok?
i came back for a permanent filling.
it started to sting a bit last night.
but now, i am fyne~
i can chew on my left side again~ :)

i have another appointment with the D-MAN again tomorrow tho..


Saturday, April 24, 2010

seoul sisters

alin + kamilah + sya

four months ago, we met as strangers
four months later, we part as sisters.
there used to be three of us,
now it is just the two of us.

(i feel very poetic and sappy.maybe its because im alone.
i feel so alone..)

will be missing you very very dearly.
hope we will cross paths soon :)
hugs and kisses all over!

syakirah + shazlin + kamilah 

three :)

sisterhood :)


Thursday, April 22, 2010



p/s: thank you :)


the lovely bones

i finished this book last night. my latest night-read. lovely book! :)


On her way home from school on a snowy December day in 1973, 14-year-old Susie Salmon ("like the fish") is lured into a makeshift underground den in a cornfield and brutally raped and murdered, the latest victim of a serial killer--the man she knew as her neighbor, Mr. Harvey.

Alice Sebold's haunting and heartbreaking debut novel, The Lovely Bones, unfolds from heaven, where "life is a perpetual yesterday" and where Susie narrates and keeps watch over her grieving family and friends, as well as her brazen killer and the sad detective working on her case. As Sebold fashions it, everyone has his or her own version of heaven. Susie's resembles the athletic fields and landscape of a suburban high school: a heaven of her "simplest dreams," where "there were no teachers.... We never had to go inside except for art class.... The boys did not pinch our backsides or tell us we smelled; our textbooks were Seventeen and Glamour and Vogue." 

The Lovely Bones works as an odd yet affecting coming-of-age story. Susie struggles to accept her death while still clinging to the lost world of the living, following her family's dramas over the years like an episode of My So-Called Afterlife. Her family disintegrates in their grief: her father becomes determined to find her killer, her mother withdraws, her little brother Buckley attempts to make sense of the new hole in his family, and her younger sister Lindsey moves through the milestone events of her teenage and young adult years with Susie riding spiritual shotgun. Random acts and missed opportunities run throughout the book--Susie recalls her sole kiss with a boy on Earth as "like an accident--a beautiful gasoline rainbow."

Though sentimental at times, The Lovely Bones is a moving exploration of loss and mourning that ultimately puts its faith in the living and that is made even more powerful by a cast of convincing characters. Sebold orchestrates a big finish, and though things tend to wrap up a little too well for everyone in the end, one can only imagine (or hope) that heaven is indeed a place filled with such happy endings.


it was out in the cinemas last month but it was showed only in selected cinemas. i didn't get a chance to watch it. the book is really amazing. something different. should have watched it! damn! :(


itsy bitsy spider..

is the beginning of MY WEEKEND :)
ok no.maybe not this week. i've gotta go and order my materials tomorrow since they are closed for something, stock check or so. so here i am, on a thursday morning, at the faculty minding my own business doing my daily routine - blogging, facebooking, twittering, cam-whoring..well you get the idea right?  i couldn't sleep in today, my stomach was rumbling. must've been the late dinner last night. 

anyways i got up wee early in the morning without the use of my alarm. i peeked at the lab and found that neither of my fellow lab mates are in, yet. and so, i stationed myself in this cold room - the computer lab (since i've no proper table for myself here in the faculty just yet, this is my room).

so, i decided to clean up my bag. wanna take a peek? :)

mcm bersepah giler kan?
making myself feel at home :)
lab coat
the notebook!
lunch box! :P and green tea 
(terlupa bawak botol air today)
walaupun tak bawa car, 
car keys must bring along.
and the trusty pendrive :)

room keys must bring!

sanitizer is a must!
bacteria-free hands :)

pencil box ku!
since my degree years.
so faded already kan?

me :)

ok.that is all.
bye! :)


Wednesday, April 21, 2010


while waiting for the MOMENT
to calm my nerves, i opted for cam-whoring! :)

randomness :)

one can never have too many crocs ey? 

mng large hobo in white :)

inside this container, are the essential and basic tools 
i currently need to use while carrying out my research.
  1. rubber gloves
  2. penyepit
  3. Stanum cubes (Sn)
  4. white stickers for labelling
  5. mini zip plastic bags
these are basically what i have in this mini box.
the box comes in handy as well.

ok. my day will get better.
I promise! :)


the horror!

do u know what that means to me?

*the horror!!* here's the story. do you remember those days when the dentists will come for a visit at your school? well without fail, every year for 6 years, i had something wrong with my teeth. there was always a filling (is that the term for tampal?) to be done. i personally don't think there was anything wrong with my gigi and i really don't think i had that much holes going on around in my gigi either.  

they successfully tampal every gigi gerham in my mulut.

i was young and didn't know what was going on.. :(

anyways, since then, i've always feared the dentists and never did go to one. tapi sangat bercita-cita tinggi nak pakai braces ok? haha. well, its just that everytime i think of them, it brings back horrible memories of my gigi getting drilled. it aint that much fun ya know.... pfft!
and so, after 12 years, i stumbled upon a little problem which needed me to go see a dentist (pfft!!) i had a hole in my tooth (due to the disappearing act of the fill-er) and it was chipped later on (due to me eating it didn't hurt, but to be on the safe side, i had to go see the dentist. 

and now.. my gigi is back to normal - normal being dah kena tampal, but currently with a temporary filler. i have to come back again for a permanent one (i have no idea why this is as such, im no expert) and the best part is, 

i've got another gigi to tampal on my next visit.  
i think i am cursed with dentists.
i can NEVER escape a visit 
without my gigi kene tampal.

i have absolutely nice gigi ok?

next visit: MONDAY
*the horror!!*


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

green with envy

it was only a month ago that i got these babies
and now look at what has happened to them.

yes. i bet you are wondering why are they a bit slanted to the side eh?
i have no idea.
maybe its because they aren't so stable just yet in their new home?
adapting maybe?
or just imitating the leaning tower of pisa?
hehehe :)

now this is a different story all togather.
i have NO IDEA why.
i changed its home.
fed it water.
put it out under the sun for during the day.
yet, it is.. dying. 

it has ONLY been a month!