Thursday, December 31, 2009

the year of friendship

pictures tell a thousand words.
this is how i would sum up my 2009.
























2009 is dedicated especially to all my friends.
thank you for all those wonderful memories togather.
thank you for all your guidance and support.
thank you for everything.
i will forever treasure every moment that we've spent togather.



Wednesday, December 30, 2009

welcome to strangeland.

aka welcome to strangeland

yesterday was officially my first day(2nd night) here in USM Engineering campus as a post-graduate student.

woot woot!

never have i pictured myself this sort of situation.maybe because i don't really like thinking bout the future that far off.i don't enjoy planning way way ahead.just grab whatever is in front of u and go with they flow~

however, here i am in this strangeland.a place i'm about to call home for the next 2 years (hopefully.

i guess after 4 years living in Perlis makes living here it is closer to Penang.hehehe. the study-environment here is way different. Perlis was more independent due to the structure of the campus - distributed campus, where as here it is more..functional? i don't know.

it is like ASASI all over again.minus the people.
i do miss all those great moments in ASASI but i wouldn't want to repeat it.cause it would never be the same without u people~

sometimes i wonder what would i be doing here during my spare time.i don't have my "great 7" to go jogging or boutique hunting or to the pasar malam to buy the bbq-sticks! i want those things!



now i'm hungry.pfft!

i guess this is the part where i start making friends comes in huh?

making friends at this age, is not that fun in my opinion because they already have their own circle of friends. why would they need another stranger in their life?
*sigh sigh*

i should have packed along my friends.yes?yes..

*nods enthusiastically*

great 7.pasar malam.kuala perlis.

anyways.yeah.i think i just need time to adapt.i would think that i wouldn't be having any problems doing so.hopefully i would be enjoying myself by then.huhu.

so many things to do.many things to explore.many places to go.

hopefully the next 2 years would be a memorable journey for me :)


Sunday, December 27, 2009

and the cat purrs..

i don't know.
i don't know what to do, what to say, what to think.
i'm just lost between different emotions.
is lazy even an emotion? 

this is my debut as a blogger.
woot woot!
well i used to blog.key word: USED TO.
those were the days..
 now i feel old.

i used to love writing.i kept a few journals.during high school.
haha.high school.
two big words that brings back a lot of memories.
:) :) :)

we'll come back to this another time.
back to the story.

i just dont know.
i'm leaving tomorrow.something which i was thrilled to be doing 5 months back.leave home.but now, im very reluctant to even body refuses to pack up and leave no matter what my mind says for comfort - new beginning, new life, new environment, new experiences, new people..everything new.


i dont want new things..
(ok.this is a lie.i adore new things.THINGS ok?like clothes n jewelleries n accessories..)

i think, im just not ready to leave my comfort zone.
(ok.wrong word.not think.i know so.i don't ever wanna leave home.why would anyone wanna leave home?? pfft!) 


would someone please help me pack?
i wish i could fold up my house and keep it in my handbag and leave.
how i wish all my wishes would come true.
don't we all.

anyways.i should just sleep on it and get started on packing tomorrow.
yes.last minute packing is always the best.ditto!

before i sign off, this is something i read that sort of gave me the strength to move on.

life is about laughing and living in good and bad times, getting through whatever comes our way and looking back with a smile :)

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