Thursday, March 25, 2010

early morning in the lab

guess where i am??
*pauses for a few moment*

the computer lab in my faculty

yes. this would be my daily pit stop, my place for the moment to take a breather, my resting sanctuary, my printing shop, my...whatever else you wanna call it.

this is it
this is the beginning of it all.

i've seen my friends going through it all and i was wondering when my turn would be. living this hectic yet laid back life. mine is just around the corner, literally.

i've decided to take a break and go home for a while. well mainly it's because of my lil vacation/shopping trip to singapore with my mum. really really looking forward to that :) 

anyways, nothing much has happened. my life has turned into somewhat like a robot. with the same things everyday. wake up, go to school, have lunch, come back for a lil rest, go back to school, petang balik tido and malam dinner and watch movies. yup. it has been like that for almost a month now. almost. 

i'm getting used to it.

anyways. don't miss me too much when i disappear next week. if i have the time, i'll write something, which i seriously don't think i do cause i know my hands will be full, especially looking after the lil kid - MYRA! huhu. 

aunty rindu myra 
yes yes  :) :) :)

hugs and kisses

Monday, March 22, 2010

happy ending

this is the ending to my little story last week.

on that friday evening i went to the office to settle my case regarding my lil parcel. to my surprise i got to know a lil story where by the girl, whose name is also shazlin, denied 100% that she took the parcel. when i got my call saying that no one is admitting to that fact, i seriously got upset.

tak logik kot!! 
she signed the damn thing 
and still can deny even getting it. 

and then the kakak said, she decided to ask around for that girl and found her friend. this lil friend said that the girl DID take that parcel. pergh. kantoy. the kakak got so pissed cause this has never happened before and also at the fact that the girl (the other shazlin) lied to her face! LIED! 

bodoh tak? 
nak tipu tapi kantoy dengan kawan sendiri. 

the friend promised the kakak that she will make sure that the girl sends the parcel back to the office on monday. the kakak told me if i wanted to settle it fast, i should go see her on my own. but then, i was quite occupied during the weekends so i waited till today.

this morning i went to the office but the girl still hasn't return the parcel. the kakak said to wait till evening. if she still does not return the parcel, the kakak will go and hunt for her again! haha. 

sometime around noon i received a call saying that my parcel is safely in the office. i went by to pick it up just now and they said that the girl (the culprit) came in to drop the parcel and went out as fast as lightning and so they didn't get a chance to even talk to her. that was how quickly she came by and goes to show how scared she was as well. hahaha.

the weird part is, my parcel is opened but the things inside are untouched.  

pelik tak? 
tak bukak tapi tak nak return.  
 i just don't get it.

i'm happy :)
lesson learned? be careful with your parcels :) 
tak de kene mengena :P


friday night market

this is another delayed story of the
Friday Night Market
aka pasar malam hari jumaat

pasar malam, seperti biasa only that out of all the pasar malams that i go to here, this is the biggest. as usual, i'll end up walking for a few rounds and go back with just the same things i buy at every pasar malam,
cucur jagung!

so, i'll let the pictures do all the talking ait?

oh! kegemukan!

eucalyptus tree
good for sinus! :)

barisan motosikal

cucur jagung!

cendol mak njang!

pekan parit buntar :)


Friday, March 19, 2010


on this lovely afternoon, i've got another story to share with all of you. you be the judge of it ok? more like an emotional outburst lah. hehehe.
(banyak betol story i today kan? hee~)

last monday,i bought something online. paid and was waiting anxiously for it to be delivered to me (di kala tak de duit, bende-bende mcm ni lah yang buat life exciting and happy :P) and so i waited and waited until i forgot when i ordered it even. i thought, oh well, it might arrive during the weekends, i'll receive it next week. and so..

week 2: i waited patiently for my white letter telling me that my package of excitement has arrived. yet, till the end of the week, i've received none. suddenly i had a terrible hunch saying that the letter+package had been delivered to the wrong room! what would i do then?? well, if i saw someone wearing it, then i'd be sure to rip it off her head! i repeat, NO ONE here wears it but me. ok?

(you must be wondering what the hell am i talking about rite? well, i bought these anak tudung, just like the one i wore on my FB profile pic, only in different colours)

and so i decided to go to the office and ask if my lil package has arrived. to my surprise, it HAS arrived. LAST THURSDAY! oh. the funny thing is, someone else took it and signed MY NAME!!

*flashes of lightning and thunder clashing*
(goes to show how angry i was/am at that moment)

the thing is, the lady wrongly labeled the room number to my name, meaning my package with my name was given to a different girl (whom i later discovered is called shazlin as well) in a different room.

logically, if someone gives u a letter saying that you've received a parcel BUT the name written on it is not yours, would you actually go and claim it as yours and sign MY name on it???

what the hell?
budak perempuan MELAYU nak buat macam ni?
budak perempuan MELAYU USM nak ambik barang ORANG yang sah-sah TERTULIS IT ISN'T YOURS??

i just don't understand it.
simple understanding.
you can't follow ke?

it isn't yours, why'd you take it?
(this is where the karma comes in)
ok fine. the basikal incident, 
i DIDN'T know the damn bike was OWNED ok?? 
no TAG, no LABEL, no NAME, no LOCK, no NOTHING!

but this is a different thing ALL TOGATHER!

courtesy la wey!
dah blaja tinggi-tinggi, pandai-pandai, tapi sia-sia saja.


fine lah. i don't care sangat it's just that i find it very disappointing
that's all.
how can such a person do such a thing?
maybe this is the first time it is happening to me
that would explain my such reaction, my such outburst!

to hell with you!
i curse thee for a whole year!!
(evil witch laughter)

jahat gila.
i'm not that mean ok?


basikal oh basikal

today i would like to share with all of you a little story that happened to me last week. a bit basi actually, maaflah kerana delayed the news but i've been busy with things ;) 

and so, as i've mentioned in my previous posts, i've been busy going back and forth to the lab and i think i've also mentioned bout cycling to the faculty right? 

ok. that actually lasted one day if i'm not mistaken. the next morning (this happened sometime early last week i think), as i reached my bike, i noticed some rubbish in the basket. but the thing is, it looked like a note. and so i picked it up and read it. this is what it was:

my first reaction was:
(gelak guling-guling)

bodoh gila i rasa. hahahahahhahahahahahhahahha.
tak habis gelak lagi sebenarnya
everytime teringat benda ni, 
mesti nak bantai gelak. 
so penat ok? 
*fuh fuh fuh*

ok. let me get the facts right here. when i went "BIKE SHOPPING", the little bird said to "buy" the bike that does not have a tag or a lock on it. there is actually a specific area to where all the abandoned bikes were left to rust, but still in good condition lah. but being me, we "widened" our shopping "mall" to other places where frequent bikers park theirs, but of course we knew we wouldn't be having any luck at finding brand new ones. but i DID find one! it doesn't have a lock or a tag. 

if you were in my shoes, 
i'm pretty sure you'd think of it the same way as i do, right?

budak USM (undergrad) mane lah yang pandai sangat tak lock and register basikal die??
memang menyeru orang untuk "pinjam" lah!
(sebenarnya kesalahan sendiri, tapi nak jugak salahkan orang lain)

betol lah!
mane nak tau tu ade orang punye, kan?
tak de tag, tak de kunci.
at least beli lah kunci.

and so, i left the bike alone and ever since that day, i've been walking back and forth from my dorm to my faculty. a sweaty, tiring yet breezy walk. yes. i'm experiencing the USM student life, both via cycling AND walking, just within 3 whole months. 

oh. and which would explain why i'm having this ache on my kaki now. bengkak ok? maybe because of the walk. it happens ok? pfft!

ok. itu sahaja cerita saya mengenai basikal saya.
saya sangat bersyukur kerana telah dapat menikmati basikal itu.
terima kasih kerana memberi saya peluang untuk berbasikal.



 hey hey.
i know i've not been updating my blog that often anymore. the reason to that is when i'm not in front of my lappy, i'm at the lab or somewhere walking around the faculty. when i'm in my room, i'm either sleeping or watching something. currently, i just finished watching heroes season 4

 now i'm addicted to heroes all over again.....


but it is soooo thrilling

omg omg omg! 
sylar is a good guy now! 
and nathan petrelli is dead! 
(did i get the spellings right? oh well...)

anyways, since i finished that already, i've recently discovered a whole new server which is linked to many many other servers which provides me with lots and lots to watch XD 
(oh but they don't have glee... pfft!)

and so. i'm back to watching mentalist cause i've found almost 6 episodes of which i've not watched. yeah. that's how i think i'm gonna plan on spending my weekend. unless something else comes up. hehehe ;)


battle of the bands - PART II

the finals were held on sunday night with 5 of the best bands lined up to give their best show for the last time that night. everyone was competing to grab the winning title and also to go home with RM500 as the winning band.

the event kicked off half past 8 with not that big of a crowd. most probably it was because of the rain a few moments before that, which i seriously think it was caused by bittersweet, who was having their sound check in the evening. hahaha. sorry bittersweet~

the five finalists were:
the headache 
they performed inul's gelek gerudi (i think that's what the song is called) 
and the vocalist actually DID gelek 

the echos 
they performed a classic carpenter's song
they were awesome! :)

these are the anime fans
they played some japanese - english translated song 
and the theme song to dragonball

they played their own song
these people are actually very talented and very energetic
but i'm still gonna stick to my judgment that 
the bassist is poyo.

our very own indon act
the drummer was really good!

overall, they all gave an awesome performance. it was very entertaining. thank you guys very much for entertaining me that weekend, i had fun and really enjoyed myself.

while the juries calculated the marks, we were entertained by a malaysian local act, bittersweet! :) despite not knowing the songs they played (out of all, i knew only SAD! SORRY bittersweet!), they gave us an awesome performance as well.


firstly, the individual prizes were given out as such:
Best Vocalist : Black (skystoppers)
Best Lead Guitarist: the headache
Best Rhythm Guitarist: Black (skystoppers) 
Best Bassist: Christine (the echos)
Best Drummer: bluetooth
Best Keyboardist: the echos

5th place: 6055
4th place: the headache
3rd place: bluetooth
2nd place: skystoppers
1st place: the echos

the winners

and the night ended with bittersweet playing a few numbers :)

lovely lovely entertaining night.
thank you for your time :)
thank you for keeping me company and entertained :)

p.s: i'll upload videos when i get the time k? :)


Monday, March 15, 2010

hoot hoot!

Closet Hoot!

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*thumbs up*

check it out!

-i'm not that good at promoting online eh?-

happy shopping!