Sunday, May 16, 2010

spaghetti bolognese!

today's menu:
spaghetti bolognese! :)

and the ingredients are:


diced red onion and 
sliced garlic

sliced mushrooms

the sauce 

minced meat


*missing pictures: mixed herbs and salt for garnishing*

add them all together (minus the cheese) and..

yum yum! :)

spaghetti bolognese :)
(those white things are cheese)

simply delicious


Diet: week 4


i would say this week has been a very productive week.
light lunches and lighter dinner.
(ok maybe not so light lunches but definitely light dinner)
save quite a lot of $$$ this week.
made my own dinner.
(actually trying to get rid of all those food that we have)

i started joining aerobics classes which is held at the 
School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
every mondays and wednesdays
RM1.50 per class.

and i started belly dancing again with my roomie.
nak shape up and trim my waist line~ :P
i can actually feel my stomach muscles starting to tighten up.
(logic ke?)

my body doesn't ache that much anymore.
and i've definitely picked up on my stamina.
*thumbs up*

a good substitute for my jogs ey?

very productive week indeed!
me likey likey~




its been a week since i updated my blog. 
nothing much has been happening. 
been busy with work. 
yet, i've not done much. 

hopefully tomorrow will be a better week ahead for me. 
better yet, much much more productive then before.

*thumbs up*

haven't been out that frequent this month.
yet, i'm running out of cash pretty quickly.
and no, i've not shopped this month.


might not have such a long list of movies to review this month
(or as mr.ameer zachery said, cut and paste :P)

i am also hoping that this month will turn out to be better then before
(i'm not complaining bout the previous month. 
just hoping this month would be better then before)

this is a crappy entry.


Saturday, May 8, 2010


this week has been a super lazy week for me. i just wasn't up for anything. i didn't even go to my faculty to 'show-face' (except for monday, when i still had all the semangat in me)

if i keep this thing up, i might end up fat like this cat!
*the horror!*
i spent the whole week in my room (my new room.hehehe :P) lazying around. rolling around in bed, then moving on to the floor next, playing this card game called calculation on my phone, which is sort of addictive lately. 

now i know how yantea feels like. we (especially alida) used to bebel at her for playing solitaire on her phone, whenever she is free i.e while waiting for the bus, before sleeping or napping. yeah. 

now i know how you feel. 
hehehe ;)

so, how do i get back my semangat? i can't go on like this. it's freaking MAY already! i've to submit a progress report next month!  

i am so dead

i wonder if you can get half of your research done within...lets say... 3 weeks?? would that be possible?? i'm just gonna keep my fingers crossed and pray super duper hard. you guys pray for me as well ok?

if i could only do this all day long


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Reminiscing: Prom Night 2009

i was looking at some of the pictures posted up by my juniors on FB, pictures of their Prom Night or Pre-Graduation Night, as they called it. of course if i HAD to compare, ours was way better, right? hehehe.

anyways, after reading alida's blog, i decided to take up her advice and went through the photo album on facebook (since i switched lappy and didn't bring the stack of prom night pictures in dvds, FB was my only source of old photos). since i just only started blogging recently, i never did get a chance to share the experience ey? hehe. ok. lemme remember a few details.

i think this prom night thing was a random idea that was discussed amongst a few of my friends and they decided to build up a committee to make it happen. after much discussions and arguments, the committee, date, venue and theme was settled. it was down to getting sponsorships, souvenirs, invitations, performances, transportation, and other arrangements that needed to be settled before hand.
hadi giving us the heads up on things

we met up every week to get the current updates on each others' work, maybe we'd be able to lend a helping hand or so. got new tasks in hand as the week progressed.
aksi yang agak gay di tayangkan oleh nasha n tiben

to make things interesting, we decided to play that secret santa game, whereby your partner is from the opposite sex (minus a few since there were more girls). the present must be a minimum of rm20 (i think). i got my secret santa a Chelsea top (not the jersey). i wonder if he's been wearing it....  

anyways, that was the first part, the second part is that we'd have to go as couples, like the real prom night thing :) so the guys were supposed to ask the girls, and there was this one night where all the girls were on skype waiting till midnight for the guys to ask them. that was funny and lots of fun since it took up a lot of courage for them to ask the girls, being all romantic with their sweet talk and stuff. hahaha ;)

oh, i asked my partner to be 
my couple for the night, 
he didn't ask me 

the venue was at jitra, about an hour's drive from kangar. we had to go early to set up things and settle stuff. on the way there, i witnessed an accident. that was super super horror. the pakcik just drove right into the pillar, where actually you are suppose to turn right (this is actually at a traffic light). it happened in front of me and i was so shaken up that i actually thought it was my fault, which of course had nothing to do with me. we came to a conclusion that the pakcik lost control of his bike and just rammed into the pillar (its a T junction, meaning at the traffic light you're suppose to turn right and straight across is a row of shop houses).

and so we got the place ready with the decorations and the seating arrangements and all. waiting for the glamorous moment to begin ;)

 so gedik kan?

my couple for the night
nabil afiq aka milo
he gave me a rose :) 
and was super sweet that night!
cair please!
hahahaha ;)

the night was splendid despite having a few flaws here and there, but what the heck. we had fun ;) the night kicked off with our lovely m.cs didie and shah.

we had our own karaoke session and of course our very own band performance as well as the singing performances by all the girls and the guys as well. very touching indeed ;)
chapatti & chips

the girls :)

the guys :)

we crowned our very own PROM KING and PROM QUEEN of the night as well as COUPLE OF THE NIGHT :)

the night ended with the secret santa game and lots of pictures were taken ;) we even had that arch where the couples got their pictures taken, just like a real prom night. hahaha ;) 

a night to remember
school of materials engineering
batch 2005/06 
always in memory :)

miss yen

abg hadi :)

 at 2am.
before leaving.
kantoy kereta kotor.



Diet: week 3

explain this.

if you look closely, please point out to me the fattening food.
(trying to make myself feel better)
no actually, the reason there's so many food is that we've not been
eating them that much, hence it piles up everytime we buy something else!
its the truth!!

there's milo and horlicks cereal drink for breakfast,
green tea is good for detoxing!
nature valley granola bars also for breakfast,
(the thing is, i don't take breakfast that often.pfft!)
there's meggi dikala kemalasan melanda,
campbell's soup,
lots of biscuits for snacking,
(they are healthy biscuits!)

i've got prunes and raisins,
soy bean drink, more tea..

so you see. this is sort of my dieting food.
the only thing is i don't eat them that often.
except for the drinks.

so, diet?
still on it!

owh. i've not jogged for a week though.
it was raining last week, either that of i was too tired from a whole day 
at the lab! pfft!
(yes i know they are all just excuses)


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

happy birthday

happy birthday to you~
happy birthday to you~
happy birthday to kak long~~
happy birthday to you~~
(blows out imaginary candles on an imaginary scrumptious cake)

(belated entry)

1st May 1976 
a little girl was introduced to the world
she was named,
Sherene Shaik Osman

who is she?
spot the similarity lah.

my one and ONLY sister.
and i LOVE her to bits.
despite the arguments and screaming and yelling and bickering and.. the list goes on.
so you get my point ey?

at times she can be my enemy,
but most of the time she's my best friend,
and all the time she's my sister.

i can never ever ever ask for anyone else.
she's the BEST sister ever! :)
(gives BEST SISTER award)

this is getting sad n touchy touchy.

happy 34th birthday!

lots of love

mi casa :)

last weekend was a busy weekend for me (or buat-buat busy since the internet connection here sucked BIG time last week). i finally got myself a proper post-graduate room, which is a double bed room for me and my roomie :) 

it is situated on the upper most top floor (sounds super high but it only has three floors. YET, it is quite tiring to climb up that high if you just got back from dinner or something.pfft!) this time around my room is facing the guy's block, so not that much privacy but slightly more then what i'll be getting when the new semester starts. 

this room was super duper filthy! i was surprised that someone was actually staying in it! well maybe they went back home for the past 6 months to complete their thesis or something. that would definitely explain it.

and so, we started cleaning up, throwing whatever that was left for us (we got 2 badminton rackets!) and we swept away all of the existing cobwebs (yes its gross i know) and started going around the block hunting for a mop, we found it eventually. basically we did the whole cleaning thing on friday night up till 1am!

done with the cleaning

the moving started over the weekends. on saturday, since it was just me around, i moved slowly, moving up small small things. not that much fun doing it alone. on sunday was the real deal. we were up and down the stairs the whole afternoon! that was some exercise, which i'm beginning to feel the after effects.. *groans*

never knew i could have that much things crammed into a small corner

my table and my guitar :)

bawah katil
a bit messy. this was before we got the shelf and mat
now i only have my shoes under there

we went out to get some furniture, and mats and stuff.
yup. moving can be expensive! :P 

the story to this shelf is that we thought we only needed to screw
it ended up with us needing to hammer as well
we had neither of those tools
but we managed to complete it all :)
for us to know and for you to wonder :) :) :)

tons of food ey?
yeah. we tend to buy a lot 
but we don't eat that much

i like my new room. spacious and comfy.
i like it a lot! :) :) :)

i found a spot to hide all of my luggage
hahaha :P

our little food corner