Tuesday, December 14, 2010

october 2010

month : OCTOBER 2010

October was a super havoc month for me.a lot of traveling was involved. a lot of money was spent as well *yikes* anyways, it started off with my cousin and yana's wedding. i actually drove back especially for these occasions. of course, upon my arrival i was greeted by this little girl, who wouldn't let me out of her sight. 

pretty date rite? quite a popular date to tie the knot. anyways, went to my cousin's first. the solemnization was held at a small surau that morning. just a small family get-together.

1st generation
 2nd generation and 3rd generation

after lunch, picked up mye at the lrt station before heading off to the 2nd wedding of the day : yana & shahrul. time wasn't really on our side, so we sorta arrived late. didn't get to meet many of our friends whom later we found out attended. weddings are the place to reunite with old friends, catch up on things. fun! its the ONLY time you get to meet them! the after party was at wangsa walk mall. met up with hadi, tarqi, liza, linda and erin. lots of talking and laughing involved, not to forget the food (despite the fact that we were from a wedding, some were not satisfied with the food, hence the hunger).

the following week, i drove up to Perlis, UniMAP for some business related matters (haha. ada bunyi macam CEO tak? :P) the SEM machine at my school was down, so i had to seek for help else where. i ended up staying there till the weekend. drove the ladies mad with my presence (mad in a good way ok?) non-stop eating, non-stop talking, non-stop shopping (erk? hahahaha) plus karaoke-ing and of course, the must destination : padang besar. absolute fun! ;)

the following weekend, my family came up to Penang. we visited my uncle who got into an accident recently. then we went driving around before settling in the hotel, Vistana. the next day, we went around hunting for food. we had roti canai (which wasn't all that good), we had nasi kandar line clear (which was awesome!) and we bought roti banggali (if only we had curry then, the menu would've been complete). and they sent me off to the airport before making their way back home :) short but blissful weekend ;)

why was i sent to the airport? 3rd Regional Conference on the Natural Resources and Materials at Bayview Hotel, Langkawi. it was a 4 day trip, the conference was held for 2 whole days. this was my first time participating in a conference, as a poster presenter. i was super nervous especially when i found out that my dean was the one evaluating me! gahh! anyways, it went well. the conference was mainly on natural resources (as the name of the conference) so i couldn't really relate to it. was basically spending time eating and shopping. hee~ :P

when i got back, i had another visitor. a pregnant mummy was on an eating-trip to Penang. we met up with them, oh what fun we had. i came back with teary eyes and painful cheeks due to the non-stop laughing. we went to this famous nasi kandar stall that only opens after 10pm - Nasi Kandar Beratur, and oh boy it literally was beratur. the line was super long. i think we waited almost 30 minutes to get our food and it was quite good (i prefer Nasi Kandar Line Clear).

anyways, i think that sorta summed up my october.
next up : NOVEMBER 2010!


Monday, December 13, 2010

september 2010

month : SEPTEMBER 2010

things that happened during this month are:

  1. Fasting Month - as mentioned in my previous entry, its a must to have a get together during this month. met up with my old friends, had a superb time with fatin and also a must to break fast with the family :) wonderful time to catch up on things and issues. updating each others' status. hahaha :P
  2. Raya Shopping - shopping for raya is a must ok? SALE SALE SALE! 
  3. Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri - selamat hari raya! :) this year, my sister's family celebrated with us together. myra wore her first baju raya which she picked out herself. soo pink! after morning prayers, we went back to my hometown. first stop was Juru, Penang. my cousin from Mauritania was back for raya. first raya celebrated with his wife :) after the lovely lunch, we went back to Bandar Bahru, Kedah. almost everyone was there. the house is always happening during raya. raya IS the time for us to get together. unfortunately, this raya was when the misfortune happened at the Penang Bridge whereby the cable blew up (?) something like that la. i don't have my facts right. raya is also about collecting duit raya! yay! hehehehe :P (i'm a student, hence i deserve duit raya!)
  4. Nurul Izzati's Birthday Celebration - celebrated her 24th birthday at.. *drum roll pls* KFC! hey the important thing is that we were all together. kan kan kan? siap dapat present pinggan flower-flower ok? :P
  5. A few of my friends got engaged this month. its the time of the year (cuti sekolah, family gatherings, etc) so we'll be expecting lots of couples tying the knot next year! :) congratulations!
  6. September was the month of lots n lots of work, and not forgetting mid-term tests. gahh!  


i think that was all that happened. the ones i remember la (i'm sorry but i have a bad memory)
next : October-fest! :P


august 2010

month : AUGUST 2010
august turned out to be my super duper hectic month. despite it being the fasting month, i was also struggling with my research work. i had a dateline to catch, plus classes to attend (not to mention the assignments) and lab to assists. 

  1. research : most of the hard work (literally) was done in august. it was a full month for me, 8am-5pm. after breaking fast, pengsan depan laptop. haha.
  2. classes : a bit annoying cause the lecturer keeps canceling the class at the very last minute. could have gotten work done but ended up with nothing. *sigh*
  3. lab : teaching is quite fun (especially if they don't know anything and you know everything :P) first two weeks i was just assisting, but from the 3rd week onwards, i was on my own. was a bit tough at first cause i was caught off-guard, but i got the hang of it. 
fasting month brought back memories during my under graduate years. bazaar was never a miss. oblong, kek batik, murtabak. yum! here in parit buntar, it was a different variety of food all together. in the end, rambang mata jugak la nak makan apa for berbuka. hehe.(i don't have pics tho. was too busy + tired to do so)

towards the end of august, i had two visitors from up north! hihi. what a surprise! ;) they came all the way by bus! (my sister said i was lucky to have them, they traveled all the way from north by bus during fasting month! penat ok??)

our first stop was sg. petani. mission: mencari baju raya alida + tudung raya tapi mission was not a success for alida. I bagged two tudung for myself :P 

next stop: jusco perda for berbuka. we had thai food. sedap la jugak. alida found her baju kurung here. lawa ok! balik pon dah lewat malam. super tired from all the walking. but knowing us, even when the lights were out, we were still chit chatting away, just like old times ;) sahur was a different issue all together but i somehow predicted it. bangun minum air je. cet. buat penat je pk nak mkn ape the night before. 

day 2: we went to sunway carnival, watched a movie to kill time before sending them off. wanted to karaoke, but...... puasa lah! pfft! sent them off with a heart full of happiness and sadness. happy for the time we had together even for a short time, sad for the time spent had to end so quickly ;(

fasting month wouldn't be complete without breaking fast with friends. so before everyone left for their hometown, we gathered at this restaurant in kuala juru. seafood restaurant. simply delicious! ;)

anyways, these are basically what happened in august. 
next : september :)

well, along with this entry, i would like to wish everyone a belated
selamat hari raya + maaf zahir batin

(ok tak? hehehehe :P)