Tuesday, May 24, 2011

April 2011

APRIL 2011

i mostly spent april at home.
it started with the vietnam holiday, then it prolonged to other things.

the kids are growing and getting smarter by the day.
even the small one.
so mengada -_-

kakak on the other hand, talks ALOT. like.. ALOT!

myra was sick for awhile.
one day when i called, myra wanted to talk to me.

"anti,,anti.. nana sakit.. nana demam.. nana makan nana muntah."
"nana demam? nana sakit ape?"
"ha.. nana demam.. nana sakit peyot (perut)"

i asked my mum after that and my mum was surpised, how did i know so much.
i said, myra told me. and she laughed.


amir on the other hand is so mengada and super demanding.
he doesn't want to be left along. wants to be among us while we sembang or gossip.
wants to watch tv. wants to be taken around for a walk.
and when he wants his milk, its gotta be there and then on the spot,
or else he'll start wailing like its the end of the world.

kakak and amir.

one of the events this month was the bowling tournament organized by my school's post graduate club.
each team consisted of 3 members, playing 2 games, and best team with the highest score wins.

please do not make fun of how i play.
this is how i was taught to play.

the team.


and as a result, we only got consolation prize. but i think top 10.
good enough ey?
we were just playing for fun.

but guess what i got?

Best Player (female)

april was a month of weddings.
i only managed to attend dan's wedding.
and i saw this newly weds there.

eleena + syazwan

dan's wedding was held at UPM
it was just a small and simple one.

black the pengapit.

the food.


the guys

the girls


danny boy is married!

being home, i tend to have a lot of cravings.
current craving of the month : BIG JUICY BURGER
blame AFC! pfft!

so we went out for lunch one day to garden at ou.

amir looking at the yummeh food.

makan carbonara.

mummy loves tutti frutti

giving anti alin some loove~


next up : MAY 2011


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