Thursday, May 12, 2011


so i'm picking up where i left off.
since there were too many events, and lots of pics,
i'll just post up pics and write a bit of details ok?
im only human, i forget things.
thank God for pictures.


the beginning of november was exam week, i think.
we sat for 2 papers.
i had to take phase equilibria and materials characterization.
it definately brought back memories during the undergraduate years.

 my notes and some last minute studying in the car.
(or maybe just posing for the camera)

 the exam went well, Alhamdulillah.
everyone passed with flying colours.

 this was during a weekend where we went grocery shopping.
weekend = cook-end

i made soup with mushrooms, fish cakes and fish balls.
ala-ala makan macam korea, hot steamy-steamy.
and my rummate made cucur ikan bilis!
double yum!

this was during the grocery outing, we stopped by to see the long awaited proton inspira.

and then there was Raya Haji.
this time around i spent raya at my relative's place in Juru.
it was fun~

pagi raya, me and my cousins went out to distribute the daging qurban.
banyak gila kot. it took the whole day~

that night we had a girl's night out.
it was me and my cousins.
this was actually my first time hanging out with my cousins ONLY like this.
so it was fun

after maghrib, we went out to autocity, shop in the park.
and later on we sat down talking/gossiping at starbucks.
awesome time :)
the following sunday was a family day organized by the club, UMA.
i was all dressed up (i L.O.V.E my top)
it was literally a family gathering cuz
everyone is related to each other one way or another.
tho i barely knew most of them.

we even played parcing the parcel game.
it was vicious i tell u.
playing with the aunties especially.
they threw the parcel as tho it was a bomb, barely touching them even.
we had our own strategies tho, which we guessed none of them liked.
my cousin ended up winning.


november ended with an international conference in kl.
i was glad to finally meet this gorgeous girl.
its been ages! :)
the conference was a bit boring since i was the sole participant from USM (engineering).
the food was awesome tho.
it was held at the Prince Hotel, exactly opposite pavillion (lucky me)
so i guess u'd know where i disappeared of to when i got bored ey?

so that was basically it for november.
up next, DECEMBER!


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