Wednesday, May 18, 2011

January 2011

new year.
I spent mine at home with my family.
this was the beginning of me going back n forth penang-kl-penang.
having my little nephew, i had to take care of myra while my sister goes thru the whole pantang session.
i was home for a bout 2 weeks or so.
babysitting myra, bathing her, feeding her, putting her to sleep, taking her to the park, jalan-jalan.
getting naughtier by the day.

baby amir!

kakak myra ordering food

kakak wants to hold amir too~

my aunty is my cushion


January is also a wedding month.
i attended those i could, and i did miss a few.

2nd January 2011
i attended Adilah's wedding at UM.
met up with pey, ili, jo
and everyone else.
weddings = reunion

8th January 2011
i attended Sol's wedding.
met up with the sri amanians as well.
that night was aunty gee's son, Farhan's wedding at Hotel Singgahsana.
simple yet lovely wedding.

mak tutup mata -_-

16th January 2011
me, yanti, alida and mye planned a surprise baby shower for mimiey.
unfortunately syida and yasmin couldn't make it so it was just us.
we went over to mimiey's place, with her assuming her hubby's friends are coming over for lunch.
(terima kasih en. hubby kerana berkomplot)
so while she was cooking us lunch, we came in surprising her, and boy was she surprised to see us.
hehe  :)
we set up the small decorations and the presents and waited for lunch to be served.
we talked and talked and talked.
it was soooo much fun catching up.
i still cant believe mimiey is a mummy.
it feels like it was only yesterday we were driving to class, exercising at the park,
walking around the pasar malam..


decorations and presents

the food


the lovely couple

the friends

pictures tell a thousand words.

that was basically what went on in January.
up next, February.



bantaL busuk... said...

bapa bulan dah berlalu la cik alin...nk masuk june da~~~ kalender hang lambat 5 bulan ka? mimi pon dah beranak daaa...=P

:: arLynnE :: said...

alaa... aku tgh mencuba utk update la ni.. busyyyyy~ hahaha :P