Sunday, May 22, 2011

February 2011


firstly, not too late to wish ya'll
haha.saje je menggatal.

anyways. february was the month of spending time with people. catching up.
i was also commuting back n forth quite often.
basically that was it.
picture time.

23 months.
rambut so serabai.

hari-hari bawak pegi padang.
to keep her entertained :)
February is the month of chinese new year
not too late to wish, Gong Xi Fa Cai.
Happy Chinese New Year~ :)

anyways. during the few days of cuti,
firstly i met up with my personal DIVA.
oh so lama tak jumpa.

our favourite place : BANGSAR.
lunch was at : LA BODEGA.
activity : talk, eat, cam whore, talk, cam whore summore, trying out clothes at ZARA, talk, cam whore summore..

walaupun lama tak jumpa, but when we meet up,
we continue from where we left off.
no gap in between that is not filled :)

hello bangsar

trying out clothes.

making faces.
we LOVE taking pictures.

day 2 of cuti CNY, met up with my lovely ladies.
just for tea.
venue : the bee.
(this would so be our fav place to lepak)
we updated each other with the on goings in life, things that has happened, are happening, will happen? haha
i love them to bits :)


fatin, faezah, shaheera.

us :)
we all look so tired.

february was also the birthday month of a few.
we celebrated kak yana's birthday..

birthday girl~

at seoul garden, autocity :)


there was another cuti, so i was back home again.
with this little girl hanging around me.

berangan nak drive.
tak padan dengan kecik!


we were at my relative's place in sentul.
myra with her cousin, alif.

amir and myra.

pretending to read.
female magazine.

posing while waiting for the LRT.

that would be it.
next : MARCH 2011.

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